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Friday, January 9, 2009


yer..dah lama aku tangguh nak buat tag yg izyan soh aku buat maklum lah..aku bukan 24 hrs kat depan mmg tak slalu la yer mau update..

Let's join me, izyan and others...

This one is all about breast cancer, which everyone knows is one of the most life-threatening diseases today. I’m doing my part in spreading awareness on breast cancer by sharing some scary yet so very true facts on breast cancer. Ladies, do take note!

-> One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.-> Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.
-> Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.
-> Seventy-seven percent of women with breast cancer are over 50.
-> Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.
-> Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia,early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.
-> Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.Above facts taken from Women’s Health Organisation Forum.

Fact taken from Women's Health.And now here is the tag and the rules:
.Put the logo in your blog. aku nak letak logo tp error..waa, gile naif aku bab2 blog nih
.Add a link to the person who shared it with you. yer..ini dah beres
.Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
.Leave a message for your nominee on their blog. lah masanyer mau tag org...ok, aku bagi keje skit yer.. so aku tag cikda, irra, kak fiza, kak ungku unibers, menah, dosahinggakiamat..woo aku malas nakcarik lagi sowang utk tag sesapa mau buat pon dipersilakan..aku sukaaaaa.. last suda siap tag ni..tag hooda nnti k

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DA1882 said...

mak ai! susahnya tag nie.. nak kene bertapa 7 hari 7 malam nie baru reti buat. ehehe