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Saturday, January 24, 2009

harus la kan...

You are 100% Aquarius

You are 100% Aquarius

soklan apakah ini?? haruslakan aku 100% AQUARIUS sebab aku lahir dalam zodiac aku wat test ni juz fo fun okeh!!! menghiburkan hati je..bukan untuk percaya..
soklan untuk result di atas ialah :

How Aquarius Are You?

When you're attracted to someone, you tend to connect with them intellectually first.

You're a visionary, and you like to tell your ideas about the future to everyone you know.

You live your own life with your own values. You're proud to be unconventional.

When you're with someone, you prefer to spend time with them alone.

You're peaceful and tolerant - except when it comes to people who disagree with you.

You hate routines. You prefer for things to be constantly changing in your life.

Your ideal date is creative and off the wall - something neither of you has done before.

You're somewhat of an insane genius. People tend to call you both "smart" and "crazy."

You're absentminded and disorganized. You hardly ever know where your keys are.

You tend to be secretive in relationships, waiting for your partner to draw secrets out of you.

You're cool and self-confident, so much so that people tend to think you're a bit aloof.

You have been known to adopt weird sleeping and eating habits from time to time.

You have a ton of fun with whatever you do - even if it's work.

You're driven to change the world and attracted to others who have the same goal.

You can sell anyone anything. From ideas to used cars, you're a great salesperson.
semua soklan ni harus dijawab smada true or bagi korang yg nak tau korang 100% aquarius bole la uji2 diri di web nih..khas untuk aqua gulrs n guys ok..hehe

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